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Groton CCC Crew 1934 - 1935.

A visit to the Vermont Ski Museum.

Camp Smith monument and Waterbury Dam October 2007.

1930s photo of CCC boys

Written on back of photo:
"S-52 Plymouth CCC Camp
Technical Services Personnel - left to right
Ralph Hultz-Forester;
"Red"-Irish Setter;
Earl Curtis-Forester;
Bill Kennedy-Forester and Parks Specialist;
Art Heitmann-Forester;
Jack Smith-Engineer;
Norman Borden (Col.)-Camp Supt.;
Fred Birmingham-Construction;
Tom Taylor-?;
John T.F. Church-Engineer.
Winter 33/34
- Probably 34 following completion of Forestry Quarter.
I do not remember the name of Col. Borden's dog
- dreadful isn't it!"

Online Museum.

Welcome to the beginning of the Vermont CCC Online Museum!

For the past twenty years Vermont CCC Alumni have been donating artifacts and remembrances of their time in the "C's." There hope all along has been that this collection will be displayed in a museum where it can tell the story of the CCC to future generations - so that they can learn from it, and maybe be inspired by it.

With the advent of the World Wide Web we are now aiming to "build" our museum online in order to make it available to the most possible people.

Check back periodically to see new items as we add them to the museum. And contact us if you are interested in helping with this project!